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Zahirah Macwilson Throwback Gambar ‘First Date’ Bersama Aiman Hakim Ridza!


Zahirah Macwilson Throwback Gambar ‘First Date’ Bersama Aiman Hakim Ridza!

Alahai, cute betul pasangan ni! Sis tak sabar nak tengok Zahirah Macwilson dan Aiman Hakim Ridza berada di atas pelamin pada tahun hadapan tau. Korang nak tahu tak baru-baru ini Zahirah memuatnaik beberapa gambar serta video bersama Aiman Hakim Ridza di Instagramnya.

20/11/2018 was our “first official date” but neither of us took any photos.. Ofcourse lah, first date so need to play hard to get abit and act cool kan 😜 . The first pic was taken during his set where the ‘act cool’ stage vanished dah haha! Oops. In the first few dates, we shared alot of stories, interests, beliefs and values and that’s when I knew we had a lot in common. . Second pic highlights our trip to Laos where we went on amazing adventures. Aiman took me for my first hot air balloon ride and gifted me a gorgeous necklace for my birthday. We took a canoe ride along the river, I terjun water lagoon (after much pep talk from Aiman), we drove around the atv tracks and we went tubing (google it). Laos was amongst the many destinations we visited and we made so much memories together! . Last photo pretty much sums up every single minute we’re apart hehe sorry.. cheesy I know but hey, that’s loveee! I can’t imagine sharing things with anyone else but you @aimanhakimridza 🙂 Find out how you can stay in touch with your other half with MaxisONE Share for Couples at . Let’s #ShareMoreTogether ❤
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Diorang mula berdating pada 20 November 2018 tetapi diorang tak ambil gambar bersama pun time tu. Ya lah, first date siapa je nak ambil gambar sebab baru nak berkenalan dan menghargai momen manis tersebut hehehe.

Rata-rata ramai netizen memuji pasangan sweet ini. Apapun sis doakan Zahirah Macwilson dan tunangnya, Aiman Hakim Ridza agar berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat. Amin! Tak lama lagi dah nak masuk setahun dah diorang berkenalan.

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