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(Video) Kehidupan Lelaki Ini Berubah Selepas Bermain Pokemon Go


(Video) Kehidupan Lelaki Ini Berubah Selepas Bermain Pokemon Go

Dah lama Ohmedia tak dengar permainan Pokemon Go ni sebab dulu ada juga kes orang main game ni sampai terlibat dalam kemalangan tau. Ya lah, terlalu taksub kan nak cari Pokemon? Seronok memang seronok tapi keselamatan diri tak jaga, macam mana?


Baru-baru ini ada seorang lelaki yang bernama Tommy Monkhouse dari United Kingdom memang menginspirasikan ramai orang. Nak tahu kenapa? Korang tengoklah video dari Niantic dekat bawah ni.

So I’m posting this in support of the #lewdment / @thelewdment Now I’m not a lewd cosplayer, I dont do any kind of lude content, but upon working on my weight loss, I conquered a fear based on something that a lot of people are judged for… going shirtless! Now for some, this might not be a big deal, but I got some judgement from some people as this is apparently seen as lude/crude! (Though for the most part I got support) This said, I wanna show my support because one day I’d love to do a shirtless Spidey pic and several other cosplays that require being shirtless! I’ve been bullied all my life, namely about my body! And because of that when I started losing weight, I wanted to promote body positivity! I may not be confident YET… but I’ll get there! And this is the first step, by showing support and the community supporting each other through all this drama, it shows that we can all go through this together! Now I have several friends who do lude cosplay content and my view is… SO WHAT! No ones being hurt! And the fact that people say “Lude cosplayers arent real cosplayers and shouldnt be seen as such” is the stupidest thing ever! Especially because they’d be the first to be showing the content to their friends or speaking crudely about it! A cosplayer is a cosplayer! It takes alot of bravery to take on “Lude Cosplay” and however people want to cosplay is THEIR CHOICE! NOT YOURS! I support any kind of cosplayer and in my opinion AS LONG AS you’re a good person, you’ll always have my support! Theres enough hate in this world so hating on cosplayers is fucking ridiculous! @tommocosplays @ld.cosplays @euphoric.cosplay @ultronerdcosplays @steviesnowcosplay @momofpitbullscosplay And anyone else effected by the hate and bullying please know you have my love and support and dont let ANYONE bring you down! Lets show how much love there truly is in the cosplay community and show that bullies cant bring us down and the importance of body positivity! #lewdment #bodypositivity #antibullying #cosplay #support #love
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Ya gais! Disebabkan dia main game Pokemon Go tu, berat badan dia turun ke 63kg daripada 158 kg. Haa…dah ada cara lain ni untuk kuruskan badan. Korang download lah game Pokemon Go ni, kot-kot lepas main terus kurus kan?!

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