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Pemandu Grab Sah Disamun & Dibunuh Dua Penumpang Terakhir Demi RM80


Pemandu Grab Sah Disamun & Dibunuh Dua Penumpang Terakhir Demi RM80

Pemandu Grab dilaporkan hilang Jumaat lalu, dipercayai disamun dan dibunuh sebelum mayatnya dibuang di kawasan semak dekat pantai Kampung Shahbandar, Tuaran.


Pihak polis dan kerjasama daripada Grab, berjaya mengesan dua penumpang terakhir yang menggunakan khidmat Grab dipandu mangsa.

Hasil soal siasat mendapati, kedua-dua suspek mengaku membunuh mangsa sebelum membuang mayatnya di kawasan semak.

Kedua-dua suspek berusia 20 tahun dan salah seorang adalah warga asing.

Terdahulu, tular di media sosial mengenai seorang pemandu Grab iaitu Mohd Hanafiee Jaafar, dilaporkan gagal dihubungi ahli keluarga dan rakannya sejak Jumaat

Di bawah ini adalah kenyataan media dari GRAB berhubung tragedi ini.

MEDIA STATEMENT: Incident involving Grab driver-partner in Sabah
(Attributed to Grab Malaysia)
[29 May 2019]

On behalf of the Grab family, we offer our deepest condolences to the family of our Grab driver-partner, Mohammad Hanafiee Bin Jaafar, during this time of loss. He was a hardworking individual and one of our top performing driver-partners. We are deeply saddened that the incident occurred while he was working hard to earn a living.

Our team will be reaching out Hanafiee’s family to make arrangements to provide the necessary support.

As soon as the matter was reported, Grab reached out to PDRM and provided all the necessary information to aid in their investigation. This included a photo of the suspect and the necessary information from our passenger selfie verification feature built into the Grab app. This technology has contributed significantly to PDRM’s investigation that led to the arrest of two suspects in this case.

Our priority is always to protect the safety of our community. While we strive for zero incidents across the millions of rides that we enable on a monthly basis, some incidents do occur and are unfortunately caused by individuals with harmful or malicious intent. However, we remain steadfast in our commitment to minimising the risk of safety incidents for both our drivers and passengers alike.

We continue to develop tech-driven solutions, community awareness and education programmes. Currently we have in place a variety of tools such as the emergency button and ‘share my ride’ feature where both parties are able to share trip details and live GPS locations with friends and/or loved ones, and the recently launched passenger selfie verification. With the initial roll out of the passenger selfie verification, passenger-initiated crimes on our platform have declined by 30% as a result of it being launched as a requirement for all new users. We expect this to improve further as we introduce this requirement to even more users on our platform.

Through proactive steps, we will continue to work with the authorities such as PDRM to reduce the incident rate on our platform and within the community. We always take the necessary steps in the case of emergencies, including sharing relevant information with the authorities, helping to expedite investigations as best as we can.

On behalf of both PDRM and Grab, we request that everyone refrain from sharing the victim’s personal information on social media. We would like to respect the privacy of the family during this difficult time.

For more information about Grab’s safety efforts and how assist in creating a safer everyday, please visit:

Kredit: OneNews


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